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In Last Place
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In a world that values fast, she is perpetually slow.

In a world that demands first, she gives new meaning to the word last.

More than two decades ago, Zoe Koplowitz completed her first Marathon.  It started out as an attempt to salvage her life from the ravages of Multiple Sclerosis. To date, she has completed twenty two Marathons, all in last place and has set world records in New York City, Boston and London.  She has presented motivational speeches from the shores of Oahu to the Grand Ole Opry in Tennessee and has been featured on numerous national TV and radio programs.

With clarity of voice, authenticity and humor, "The Winning Spirit - Life Lessons Learned In Last Place" recounts the true, inspiring and amazing adventures that Zoe has experienced in life along the Marathon course.  It is a tapestry of funny, poignant and authentic stories about ordinary people learning some of the most extraordinary lessons that life has to offer. The power of a dream.  Courage in the face of adversity.  The beauty of unconditional love.

With the wisdom and humor of memorable stories, and characters that live on long after the final chapter, "The Winning Spirit" teaches the ultimate lesson.  There are times in life when last can truly become first.

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